Personal Information & Correspondence

Close by Me offers several of its features to all of its users. However, you need to register yourself with the system, in order to enjoy the real benefits of the community. Registration is absolutely FREE and involves a simple procedure. As a registered user of Close by Me, you will be able to interact with more users and messages in the community.

Close by Me User Account

Each registered user in the system has their own user account, identified by their own unique user name, accessible by logging into the system with their email and password. With an individual user account, users can post messages, interact with messages and other users in the community. If you do not have an account, they can set one up in less than a minute, and it’s Free!

Note: Usernames in the system are unique, as well as emails. An email address that is used to register on the Close by Me community can not be used for more than one user account.

Creating Your Own User Account

You can create an account with Close by Me in just a few steps. Once your account is creation is successful, you will be sent a welcome email, and be granted more menu items to choose from while interacting in the community.

To register:

  • Click Register on the main menu.
  • The Registration page will be displayed
  • Enter the details on the registration form

Note: You must enter a valid five digit postal/ZIP code of your city as this serves as the default code for posting messages and searching posts.

  • Select the “I agree to the Terms of Service” option to register successfully.
  • Click Register. You are logged in and are directed to the Home page.
  • After you successfully register, you can begin to interact with more of the features in the system.
  • Once you log on, you will notice the menu bar on the top and side menu bar will give you more options.
  • You will also have the ability to rate, reply and interact with message posts.
  • Additionally, you will be able to email others users in the community directly.

  • A welcome mail will also be sent to your email (please check your Spam or bulk mail box, look for a sender:
  • You can click the Close by Me links in the Welcome mail to directly navigate to the relevant part of the system

Note: Next time you want to log in, use your email address and the password to gain access to your account, user profile, emails, your posts, etc... You can modify your password and also retrieve it through simple procedures in the system

Editing Your User Profile

You can edit your user profile after you log in to your user profile from the Close by Me Actions tab on the side menu or from the top menu. This will be important if you need to change your current location, or any other pieces of information you wish to share or even remove. Your profile allows people to gain an understanding of who you are and what your interests are.

To edit your user profile:

  • Click Profile - edit your user profile in the Close by Me Actions side menu bar. The Personal Profile page is displayed. This page displays the sections with the information you provided while registering.

  • Click Edit. The User profile page is displayed with the following sections:
    • Profile Information
    • You can also modify the account password in this area.
    • Note: You cannot edit your user name.
    • Personal Information
    • In the personal information you can decide to show or not show your age. Age is calculated on date of birth.
    • Professional Information
    • Student Information
    • Personal Interests
  • Edit the details and click Update. 
  • A confirmation message is displayed on the screen saying that your account has been successfully updated.

Retrieving Your Password

If you ever forget your password, and you need it to access the system, you can easily retrieve it easily from the Sign-In page. But you have to remember the Email address you provided while creating your account.

To retrieve your account password:

  • Click “Forgot your Password?” on the Sign-In page.
  • The Retrieve Password page is displayed.

  • Enter your email address that you used to register on Close by Me, and click send.
  • An email will be sent to you, with your username and password (please check your Spam or bulk email folder as well).

  • Once retrieved, you can click “sign-in” and return to the sign-in page to log on, or
  • You can also click sign-in directly from the mail message, and you will be taken to the sign-in page directly.

Mail & Correspondence

People who view your posts may like to respond by emailing you directly. These users have to be logged into the system and simply elect to write the author from the message post. The created emails are sent to your user email inbox in Close by Me as well as forwarding a notification to your email address. Users can also perform tasks such as adding comments to your post, rating your post, or reporting your post as mis-categorized.  Close by Me keeps a track of the user responses to your posts and allows you to review and write back. When you sign-in, you can view the status of emails received, sent, or deleted in the Mail & Correspondence section.

There are two ways to initiate an email exchange in the community. One way is reply back to a message post’s author, and inquires about the post directly. The second way is to email a user from their user profile. From that point on, you can continue to email back and forth, replying about individual posts, topics of interest, etc. The system will collect all correspondence and store in the appropriate folders: inbox, outbox and deleted. Additionally, for each email created, responded to, etc., the system will also forward a copy of the email to your external email account that you used to register with in the Close by Me community.

Reading Your Emails

Close by Me tries to inform you of incoming and unread emails, while you are in the system. You will notice Mail listed on the top and side menu bars. This will also have a number in parenthesis indicating how many unread emails you have. By clicking this link you will be taken immediately to the “Email Inbox – Received”.

You can choose to view the list of emails by sorting them by date, sender, subject, and unread. This section allows you to view not only emails received, but emails sent out, and emails deleted as well.

Close by Me has several search options which help you to review your emails. You can view the summary of your email folders by clicking Personal Connections tab on the Home page or navigating to the Mail & Correspondence section.

To review your emails:

  • Click the Personal Connections tab on the Home page.
  • Do one of the following:
    • Click Unread received/total received to view the list of received emails.
    • Click Unread sent/total sent to view the list of sent emails.
    • Click Messages deleted to view the list of deleted messages.
  • Based on the option you selected, a list of emails you received, sent, or deleted is displayed. You can navigate to the other two email folders from the current folder being displayed.

  • Select a filter option from the Sort By drop-down list to view the search results by relevance.

Viewing Emails

Within the Emails’ section, you can view Inbox – Received, Outbox – Sent, and Deleted Emails. Each part presents emails in the same format: a sortable list, allowing you to gain more detail, review, respond and delete emails.  You can also move emails around from inbox/outbox to deleted and back again from the deleted folder.

To view emails:

  • Click emails on the main menu.
  • The Email Inbox - Received page is displayed by default.

  • Some of what you can do with the email folders:
    • Click Email Inbox – to view emails received
    • Click Email Outbox – to view the sent emails.
    • Click Deleted Emails to view the list of the emails deleted.
    • Click the '+' icon to view the mail text to get more details about the individual email, or
    • Click into the individual email links to view the email on a separate page, in order to view, reply and interact
    • Sort the email list bases on username, received date, etc.
    • Page through your list of emails, if the list exceeds more than 50 emails.
    • Depending on what folder you are in, you can reply, delete or undelete an email, or a collection of emails at once.

Replying to Emails

Once you are signed on the system you can review emails received and reply them.

To reply to emails:

  • Click emails on the main menu or on the side menu
  • The Email Inbox - Received page is displayed by default.

  • Click the '+' icon to view the mail text.
  • You can either choose to reply or delete the email.
  • Click Reply to reply to the users email
  • One you click "Reply", you will be taken to the “Read Email Message” page, where you can review the sender’s email and respond below.

Deleting an Email

As you review emails received in your inbox, or not longer have a need to keep emails sent in your outbox, you can elect to delete emails and move them to a temporary “Deleted Emails” folder. Emails sent here will be held for a short time period before emptied out of the system. You will have an opportunity to undelete, or restore emails back to their original folder, during the short time period.  Deleting emails in the Close by Me system is simple and straightforward, you can delete individual emails or a collection from the inbox – received and outbox – sent, or you can delete emails as you read them in their profile format directly.

To delete the mails:

  • Click Mails on the main menu.
  • The Email Inbox - Received page is displayed by default. (You can also delete emails from the Outbox – Sent)

  • Select the emails you want to delete from Email Inbox. You can click the '+' icon to view the details and then delete the mail.
  • You can click Email Outbox - Sent to delete the mails from Email Outbox.
  • In order to delete emails, you can open up each email individually by viewing its contents in the list format, or by clicking into email, and view it on the page. In either case you will see a button that simply says “delete”. Doing this action will delete the email and put it in the Deleted Emails’ folder.
  • You can also delete a collection of emails by clicking on the “check-all” check box at the top of the email list, or by individually checking the emails you want to delete individually. Then at the bottom, of the list you can click on “delete checked”
  • Finally, when reading an individual email, you also have the option to delete an email when done.

The system provides a great deal in flexibility in reading, replying and deleting emails as needed.

 Un-Deleting an Email

There may be a time when you need to retrieve an email from the “Deleted Emails” trash bin. For whatever purpose, Close by Me, affords you the opportunity to find deleted emails, which are held for a short time, and restore them before they are permantely deleted.

To delete emails:

  • Click Mails on the main menu.
  • The Email Inbox - Received page is displayed by default,

  • Click Undelete Emails in the navigation links area.
  • The Emails Deleted page is displayed with the list of emails deleted.
  • The mails are added to the list on Email Inbox or Email Outbox folders based on their origin.

Initialing an Email from a Message Post

One of the best features of Close by Me is its ability to interact with other users in the community. Within a message, you have the ability to respond to the author of the message post. You can respond to a post directly by replying to the author of the post through mails. However, you need to register to mail the author. You can navigate to the message posts section after logging in. When you open a post to view its description, you can find a task pane displayed. Using the options of this task pane, you can mail the message in the post to a friend, reply to the author of the mail, report a post, and add a post to your favorites list.

To reply to a message post and email author:

  • Select a post of your interest and click the post link to view its full description. You can find the task pane displayed to the right of the description.

  • Click Email Author.
  • The Email Author page with Email options is displayed.

  • Click Send. The confirmation message is displayed on the next screen.

  • Close by Me will not only send an email to user’s inbox in the system, but will also forward an email to their personal email address.

Initiating an Email from a User’s Profile

The other way of initiating a conversation with another user in the community, is by emailing them from their user profile You can access a user’s profile from many different places in the system. You will usually see their username represented by a link that will take them to their user profile. Once there you will see a place to email the user provided you are a member of the community and have logged in to the system.

To send an email from the user’s profile:

  • Select People or Friends on Close by Me side bar on the right,
  • A page is displayed with a list of people and/or friends based on the search attributes selected.

  • From the list click on a username of individual and/or friend, to view their user profile, or
  • When viewing a list of posts, or a single post, click on the username of the author from the Close by Me Actions tab in the right panel of the Posts module.

  • When on the user profile page, you will see a section below the user’s information allowing you to send an email provided you are a registered member of the system and logged in.

  • Enter the subject of the mail and the text in the text area.
  • Click Send.
  • Close by Me sends a copy of the mail to the user's mailbox as well as forwarding the email to their own personal email account.