Subscription & Feeds

One of the great things about Close by Me is the ability to follow posts of interest from specific searches or from other users and friends. A subscription is nothing more than a saved search that you use over and over again to prepare a consistent retrieval of matching message posts. For example, you may be interested in homes for sale in a particular area that have a certain number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Instead of creating this search everyday, you can create a subscription profile, and monitor feeds from this one subscription or multiple subscriptions at once. You can monitor posts about homes and apartments in one location, while simultaneously looking for antique cars which match your price point across the entire country… all on one page.  Moreover, you can monitor and follow feeds from other users or friends you follow in the community.

Subscription Profiles

Subscription profiles list all subscriptions you currently have in the system. You can access this page by clicking “Subscriptions – your subscription profiles” on the side menu bar. This will take you to the Subscription Feed Profiles. Each subscription you have is listed in descending order from the time it was created. If you have no subscriptions, no profiles will show up.  If you have subscriptions already in the system, you will see a generalization of the subscription as it was stored in the system with its starting point of search, distance of coverage, category, ranges for amount, age or event dates, and any associated attributes you may have applied.

To view subscription profiles:

·        Navigate to the Subscriptions link in the side menu bar, and click.

·        Click on “Create a new subscription feed” to create a new subscription

·        Click on any one of the existing subscription profiles by clicking on its associated link, or expanding the “+” and click on the edit button.

·        You can also delete an existing subscription profile, by checking it box next to it and clicking on “delete subscriptions” or by expanding the subscription profile, and clicking on “delete”

You may also expand the subscription profile to review it in detail, where by you can review the results (feed) of the subscription, as well as proceed to edit or delete the subscription entirely.

In-order to follow a feed from a subscription, you need to create a subscription first.  Below the title, you will see a link labeled “Create a new subscription feed”. This will take you a subscription profile, ready to be filled out. Similarly, if you need to a current subscription, you can click on edit; you will be taken to the subscription profile.

A subscription profile is nothing more than a saved search. Just in the way you entered a starting point, distance, category, ranges (age, amount or event) as well as attributes, in a manual search, you can do the same with a subscription profile.  

Once you fill out all the subscription information, click save for a new subscription, or update for an existing subscription. Afterwards you can click the “subscription list” button, to return to the list of subscription profiles, or you can click on the “View subscription Feeds” link to view all message posts which match this subscription profile.

To create or update a subscription profile:

  • Navigate to the subscription profile from the subscription profiles list.
  • Either create a new subscription profile or edit an existing one
  • Select a starting point by entering a postal/zip code
  • Enter a distance of coverage to search from
  • Provide category and optionally sub-category to narrow down your search or topic of interest.
  • Provide information associated with ranges, such as age, amount, or event range. These ranges will appear, depending on the category/sub-category selected.
  • Pick any attributes you want include in your search.
  • Click on either save or update depending on if this is a new subscription or existing subscription

Subscription Feeds

Once a subscription feed is created, you can then see what the subscription produces, as well as viewing the results from all subscriptions at once. Again a subscription is nothing more than a saved search, intended to save you the time from setting a search manually as well as combining several searches into one, so you can view messages posts that interest you. The great thing about this is that you can view not only different geographic locations simultaneously, but you can also view combined categories at once. This helps hone in on what interest you only.

To view one or all subscriptions:

  • Navigate to the “Subscription Feeds” on the side menu bar
  • Once you click the feeds link, you will be taken to the Subscription Feeds page, which will display all the subscriptions at once
  • Message posts which match the search criteria of your subscriptions will be displayed below
  • You can choose to narrow your list of messages retrieved by selecting one subscription and hitting search.
  • You can also choose to filter message posts from your friends only, or view all messages from all users which match your subscriptions
  • Additionally, you can choose to filter your subscriptions for a keyword or phrase.

The subscription list produced will look exactly like the category list produced in the other part of the system, with the exception being a single line at the bottom of the message post indicating which subscription pulled this post. You can view the message post as you normally would, and you can also click directly into the subscription to change the subscription’s search criteria.

Friend Feeds

Friend feeds produces a list of message posts like the categories’ list, however the list has been pre-filtered to show lists of message posts from friends or people you follow. You operate this list in a similar manner as the category lists, in terms of your ability to filter, change search criteria, location and distance.